April 23, 2008

PLoS Medicine New Articles April 22

Published April 22, 2008

Progress in Vaccination against Haemophilus influenzae type b in the Americas
M. Carolina Danovaro-Holliday, Salvador Garcia, Ciro de Quadros, Gina Tambini, and Jon K. Andrus
The authors review the progress to date in Hib vaccine introduction, the lessons learned, and the remaining challenges.
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What Are the Implications for Childhood Pneumonia of Successfully Introducing Hib and Pneumococcal Vaccines in Developing Countries?
J. Anthony G. Scott and Mike English
The authors look to the future and imagine the implications of a successful vaccination campaign against H. influenzae type b and pneumococcus.
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The Reversal of Fortunes: Trends in County Mortality and Cross-County Mortality Disparities in the United States
Majid Ezzati, Ari B. Friedman, Sandeep C. Kulkarni, and Christopher J. L. Murray
Majid Ezzati and colleagues analyze US county-level mortality data for 1961 to 1999, and find a steady increase in mortality inequality across counties between 1983 and 1999.
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Mutations in a Novel, Cryptic Exon of the Luteinizing Hormone/Chorionic Gonadotropin Receptor Gene Cause Male Pseudohermaphroditism
Nina Kossack, Manuela Simoni, Annette Richter-Unruh, Axel P. N. Themmen, and Jörg Gromoll
Joerg Gromoll and colleagues describe the identification and characterization of a novel exon that appears to be a new regulatory element within the luteinizing hormone/chorionic gonadotropin receptor gene of three individuals with Leydig cell hypoplasia.
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