April 29, 2008

Early Alert - New South Wales Public Health Bulletin Volume 19 Number 4

Volume 19(4) 2008
Tobacco Control in NSW

  • Contents Descriptive Table of Contents PDF (315 KB)
  • Good progress in tobacco control in NSW John M. Sanders and Chris M. Rissel PDF (154.1 KB)
  • Social cost of tobacco-related disease and best buys John M. Sanders PDF (86.4 KB)
  • The Greater Southern Area Health Service Tobacco Control Plan2006–2009 Andrew J. Gow, Kylie M. Weir and Andrew J. N. Marich Abstract
  • Provision of smoking care in NSW hospitals: opportunities for further enhancement Megan A. G. Freund, Elizabeth M. Campbell, Christine L. Paul, John H. Wiggers, Jenny J. Knight and Elayne N. Mitchell Abstract
  • Enabling the NSW Health workforce to provide evidence-based smoking-cessation advice through competency-based training delivered via video conferencing Elayne N. Mitchell, Barbara N. Hawkshaw, Carlie-Jane Naylor, Dias Soewido and John M. Sanders Abstract
  • Smoke Free Health Care: an organisational change to increase effective intervention for tobacco Annie M. Kia, Eric K. van Beurden, Gavin S. Dart, Cecily M. Barrack and Mark D. Mitchell Abstract
  • Tobacco and Aboriginal people in NSW Rowena G. Ivers Abstract
  • Smokers respond to anti-tobacco mass media campaigns in NSW by calling the Quitline Trish Cotter, Donna A. Perez, Anita L. Dessaix and James F. Bishop Abstract
  • The Mull Hypothesis: is cannabis use contributing to high tobacco use prevalence among young North Coast males? Eric K. van Beurden, Avigdor Zask, Megan Passey and Annie M. Kia Abstract
  • Tobacco smoking among secondary school students in NSW Michael Giffin and Margo Eyeson-Annan PDF (276.7 KB)
  • Infectious diseases in homeless people Sian Rudge, Ian Webster and Ingrid van Beek PDF (97.3 KB)
  • Communicable Diseases Report, NSW, January and February 2008 Abstract Volume 19 Number 3 & 4 PDF (692 KB)

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