July 14, 2016

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A review of new challenges and prospects for malaria elimination in Mutare and Mutasa Districts, Zimbabwe
Sande S, Zimba M, Chinwada P, Masendu H, Mberikunshe J, Makuwaza A
Malaria Journal 2016, 15:360 (13 July 2016)
Abstract http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/360/abstract
Full text http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/360
PDF http://www.malariajournal.com/content/pdf/s12936-016-1415-2.pdf

Case report
Transfusion-transmitted severe Plasmodium knowlesi malaria in a splenectomized patient with beta-thalassaemia major in Sabah, Malaysia: a case report
Bird E, Parameswaran U, William T, Khoo T, Grigg M, Aziz A, Marfurt J, Yeo T, Auburn S, Anstey N, Barber B
Malaria Journal 2016, 15:357 (12 July 2016)
Abstract http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/357/abstract
Full text http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/357
PDF http://www.malariajournal.com/content/pdf/s12936-016-1398-z.pdf

A cross-sectional study of the availability and price of anti-malarial medicines and malaria rapid diagnostic tests in private sector retail drug outlets in rural Western Kenya, 2013
Kioko U, Riley C, Dellicour S, Were V, Ouma P, Gutman J, Kariuki S, Omar A, Desai M, Buff A
Malaria Journal 2016, 15:359 (12 July 2016)
Abstract http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/359/abstract
Full text http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/359
PDF http://www.malariajournal.com/content/pdf/s12936-016-1404-5.pdf

‘Nature or nurture’: survival rate, oviposition interval, and possible gonotrophic discordance among South East Asian anophelines
Derek Charlwood J, Nenhep S, Sovannaroth S, Morgan J, Hemingway J, Chitnis N, Briët O
Malaria Journal 2016, 15:356 (12 July 2016)
Abstract http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/356/abstract
Full text http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/356
PDF http://www.malariajournal.com/content/pdf/s12936-016-1389-0.pdf

Factors associated with the non-use of insecticide-treated nets in Rwandan children
Ruyange M, Condo J, Karema C, Binagwaho A, Rukundo A, Muyirukazi Y
Malaria Journal 2016, 15:355 (12 July 2016)
Abstract http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/355/abstract
Full text http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/355
PDF http://www.malariajournal.com/content/pdf/s12936-016-1403-6.pdf

The development of malaria diagnostic techniques: a review of the approaches with focus on dielectrophoretic and magnetophoretic methods
Kasetsirikul S, Buranapong J, Srituravanich W, Kaewthamasorn M, Pimpin A
Malaria Journal 2016, 15:358 (12 July 2016)
Abstract http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/358/abstract
Full text http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/358
PDF http://www.malariajournal.com/content/pdf/s12936-016-1400-9.pdf

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