February 3, 2017

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Comparing accelerometer, pedometer and a questionnaire for measuring physical activity in bronchiectasis: a validity and feasibility study?
O’Neill B, McDonough S, Wilson J, Bradbury I, Hayes K, Kirk A, Kent L, Cosgrove D, Bradley J, Tully M
Respiratory Research 2017, 18:16 (14 January 2017)
Abstract http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0497-2#Abs1
Full text http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0497-2
PDF http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/s12931-016-0497-2
Regulatory T cells and IL10 suppress pulmonary host defense during early-life exposure to radical containing combustion derived ultrafine particulate matter
Jaligama S, Saravia J, You D, Yadav N, Lee G, Shrestha B, Cormier S
Respiratory Research 2017, 18:15 (13 January 2017)
Abstract http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0487-4#Abs1
Full text http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0487-4
PDF http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/s12931-016-0487-4
Transfer factor for carbon monoxide in patients with COPD and diabetes: results from the German COSYCONET cohort
Kahnert K, Lucke T, Biertz F, Lechner A, Watz H, Alter P, Bals R, Behr J, Holle R, Huber R, Karrasch S, Stubbe B, Wacker M, Söhler S, Wouters E, Vogelmeier C, Jörres R, for the COSYCONET study group
Respiratory Research 2017, 18:14 (13 January 2017)
Abstract http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0499-0#Abs1
Full text http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0499-0
PDF http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/s12931-016-0499-0
Indacaterol and glycopyrronium versus indacaterol on body plethysmography measurements in COPD—a randomised controlled study
Salomon J, Stolz D, Domenighetti G, Frey J, Turk A, Azzola A, Sigrist T, Fitting J, Schmidt U, Geiser T, Wild C, Kostikas K, Clemens A, Brutsche M
Respiratory Research 2017, 18:13 (11 January 2017)
Abstract http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0498-1#Abs1
Full text http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0498-1
PDF http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/s12931-016-0498-1
Whole Transcriptome Analysis of Pre-invasive and Invasive Early Squamous Lung Carcinoma in Archival Laser Microdissected Samples
Koper A, Zeef L, Joseph L, Kerr K, Gosney J, Lindsay M, Booton R
Respiratory Research 2017, 18:12 (10 January 2017)
Abstract http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0496-3#Abs1
Full text http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0496-3
PDF http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/s12931-016-0496-3
No convincing association between genetic markers and respiratory symptoms: results of a GWA study
Zeng X, Vonk J, de Jong K, Xu X, Huo X, Boezen H
Respiratory Research 2017, 18:11 (10 January 2017)
Abstract http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0495-4#Abs1
Full text http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0495-4
PDF http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/s12931-016-0495-4
End-stage cystic fibrosis lung disease is characterised by a diverse inflammatory pattern: an immunohistochemical analysis
Lammertyn E, Vandermeulen E, Bellon H, Everaerts S, Verleden S, Van Den Eynde K, Bracke K, Brusselle G, Goeminne P, Verbeken E, Vanaudenaerde B, Dupont L
Respiratory Research 2017, 18:10 (10 January 2017)
Abstract http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0489-2#Abs1
Full text http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0489-2
PDF http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/s12931-016-0489-2
Non-linear parameters of specific resistance loops to characterise obstructive airways diseases
Topalovic M, Exadaktylos V, Troosters T, Celis G, Aerts J, Janssens W
Respiratory Research 2017, 18:9 (9 January 2017)
Abstract http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0484-7#Abs1
Full text http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0484-7
PDF http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/s12931-016-0484-7
A randomized, seven-day study to assess the efficacy and safety of a glycopyrrolate/formoterol fumarate fixed-dose combination metered dose inhaler using novel Co-Suspension™ Delivery Technology in patients with moderate-to-very severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Reisner C, Fabbri L, Kerwin E, Fogarty C, Spangenthal S, Rabe K, Ferguson G, Martinez F, Donohue J, Darken P, St. Rose E, Orevillo C, Strom S, Fischer T, Golden M, Dwivedi S
Respiratory Research 2017, 18:8 (6 January 2017)
Abstract http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0491-8#Abs1
Full text http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0491-8
PDF http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/s12931-016-0491-8
Eligibility of real-life patients with COPD for inclusion in RCTs: a commentary
Battaglia S, Scichilone N
Respiratory Research 2017, 18:5 (5 January 2017)
Abstract http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0494-5#Abs1
Full text http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0494-5
PDF http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/s12931-016-0494-5
Effect of active vitamin D3 on VEGF-induced ADAM33 expression and proliferation in human airway smooth muscle cells: implications for asthma treatment
Kim S, Pei Q, Jiang P, Yang M, Qian X, Liu J
Respiratory Research 2017, 18:7 (5 January 2017)
Abstract http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0490-9#Abs1
Full text http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0490-9
PDF http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/s12931-016-0490-9
The main rhinovirus respiratory tract adhesion site (ICAM-1) is upregulated in smokers and patients with chronic airflow limitation (CAL)
Shukla S, Mahmood M, Weston S, Latham R, Muller H, Sohal S, Walters E
Respiratory Research 2017, 18:6 (5 January 2017)
Abstract http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0483-8#Abs1
Full text http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0483-8
PDF http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/s12931-016-0483-8
Bioinformatic analysis of microRNA and mRNA Regulation in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Dang X, Qu X, Wang W, Liao C, Li Y, Zhang X, Xu D, Baglole C, Shang D, Chang Y
Respiratory Research 2017, 18:4 (5 January 2017)
Abstract http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0486-5#Abs1
Full text http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0486-5
PDF http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/s12931-016-0486-5
Gene profile of fibroblasts identify relation of CCL8 with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
Lee J, Cheong H, Shim E, Bae D, Chang H, Uh S, Kim Y, Park J, Lee B, Shin H, Park C
Respiratory Research 2017, 18:3 (5 January 2017)
Abstract http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0493-6#Abs1
Full text http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0493-6
PDF http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/s12931-016-0493-6
Cigarette smoke destabilizes NLRP3 protein by promoting its ubiquitination
Han S, Jerome J, Gregory A, Mallampalli R
Respiratory Research 2017, 18:2 (5 January 2017)
Abstract http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0485-6#Abs1
Full text http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0485-6
PDF http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/s12931-016-0485-6
Atrial natriuretic peptide protects against bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis via vascular endothelial cells in mice: ANP for pulmonary fibrosis
Okamoto A, Nojiri T, Konishi K, Tokudome T, Miura K, Hosoda H, Hino J, Miyazato M, Kyomoto Y, Asai K, Hirata K, Kangawa K
Respiratory Research 2017, 18:1 (3 January 2017)
Abstract http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0492-7#Abs1
Full text http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12931-016-0492-7
PDF http://respiratory-research.biomedcentral.com/track/pdf/10.1186/s12931-016-0492-7

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