February 10, 2016

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Estimating malaria transmission intensity from Plasmodium falciparum serological data using antibody density models
Pothin E, Ferguson N, Drakeley C, Ghani A
Malaria Journal 2016, 15:79 (9 February 2016)
Abstract http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/79/abstract
Full text http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/79
PDF http://www.malariajournal.com/content/pdf/s12936-016-1121-0.pdf

Widespread distribution of Plasmodium vivax malaria in Mauritania on the interface of the Maghreb and West Africa
Ba H, Duffy C, Ahouidi A, Deh Y, Diallo M, Tandia A, Conway D
Malaria Journal 2016, 15:80 (9 February 2016)
Abstract http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/80/abstract
Full text http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/80
PDF http://www.malariajournal.com/content/pdf/s12936-016-1118-8.pdf

Evolution of the levels of human leukocyte antigen G (HLA-G) in Beninese infant during the first year of life in a malaria endemic area: using latent class analysis
d’Almeida T, Sadissou I, Cottrell G, Tahar R, Moreau P, Favier B, Moutairou K, Donadi E, Massougbodji A, Rouass-Freiss N, Courtin D, Garcia A
Malaria Journal 2016, 15:78 (9 February 2016)
Abstract http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/78/abstract
Full text http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/78
PDF http://www.malariajournal.com/content/pdf/s12936-016-1131-y.pdf

Longitudinal household surveillance for malaria in Rakai, Uganda
Newell K, Kiggundu V, Ouma J, Baghendage E, Kiwanuka N, Gray R, Serwadda D, Hobbs C, Healy S, Quinn T, Reynolds S
Malaria Journal 2016, 15:77 (9 February 2016)
Abstract http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/77/abstract
Full text http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/77
PDF http://www.malariajournal.com/content/pdf/s12936-016-1128-6.pdf

Malaria vectors and their blood-meal sources in an area of high bed net ownership in the western Kenya highlands
Ndenga B, Mulaya N, Musaki S, Shiroko J, Dongus S, Fillinger U
Malaria Journal 2016, 15:76 (9 February 2016)
Abstract http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/76/abstract
Full text http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/76
PDF http://www.malariajournal.com/content/pdf/s12936-016-1115-y.pdf

Genetic diversity among Plasmodium vivax isolates along the Thai–Myanmar border of Thailand
Maneerattanasak S, Gosi P, Krudsood S, Tongshoob J, Lanteri C, Snounou G, Khusmith S
Malaria Journal 2016, 15:75 (9 February 2016)
Abstract http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/75/abstract
Full text http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/75
PDF http://www.malariajournal.com/content/pdf/s12936-016-1136-6.pdf

Plasmodium falciparum drug resistance in Angola
Fançony C, Brito M, Gil J
Malaria Journal 2016, 15:74 (9 February 2016)
Abstract http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/74/abstract
Full text http://www.malariajournal.com/content/15/1/74
PDF http://www.malariajournal.com/content/pdf/s12936-016-1122-z.pdf

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