February 19, 2016

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Research article
Circulating insulin-like growth factor-I, insulin-like growth factor binding protein-3 and terminal duct lobular unit involution of the breast: a cross-sectional study of women with benign breast disease
Horne H, Sherman M, Pfeiffer R, Figueroa J, Khodr Z, Falk R, Pollak M, Patel D, Palakal M, Linville L, Papathomas D, Geller B, Vacek P, Weaver D, Chicoine R, Shepherd J, Mahmoudzadeh A, Wang J, Fan B, Malkov S, Herschorn S, Hewitt S, Brinton L, Gierach G
Breast Cancer Research 2016, 18:24 (18 February 2016)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/18/1/24/abstract
Full text http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/18/1/24
PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/s13058-016-0678-4.pdf

Research article
LIN7A is a major determinant of cell-polarity defects in breast carcinomas
Gruel N, Fuhrmann L, Lodillinsky C, Benhamo V, Mariani O, Cédenot A, Arnould L, Macgrogan G, Sastre-Garau X, Chavrier P, Delattre O, Vincent-Salomon A
Breast Cancer Research 2016, 18:23 (17 February 2016)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/18/1/23/abstract
Full text http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/18/1/23
PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/s13058-016-0680-x.pdf

Research article
Genetic predisposition to ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast
Petridis C, Brook M, Shah V, Kohut K, Gorman P, Caneppele M, Levi D, Papouli E, Orr N, Cox A, Cross S, dos-Santos-Silva I, Peto J, Swerdlow A, Schoemaker M, Bolla M, Wang Q, Dennis J, Michailidou K, Benitez J, González-Neira A, Tessier D, Vincent D, Li J, Figueroa J, Kristensen V, Borresen-Dale A, Soucy P, Simard J, Milne R
Breast Cancer Research 2016, 18:22 (17 February 2016)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/18/1/22/abstract
Full text http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/18/1/22
PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/s13058-016-0675-7.pdf
PubMed http://breast-cancer-research.com/pubmed/26884359

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