January 25, 2014

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Research article
Impact of dual mTORC1/2 mTOR kinase inhibitor AZD8055 on acquired endocrine resistance in breast cancer in vitro
Jordan NJ, Dutkowski CM, Barrow D, Mottram HJ, Hutcheson IR, Nicholson RI, Guichard SM, Gee JM
Breast Cancer Research 2014, 16:R12 (23 January 2014)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/16/1/R12/abstract
Provisional PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr3604.pdf

Research article
Inducible and coupled expression of the polyomavirus middle T antigen and Cre recombinase in transgenic mice: an in vivo model for synthetic viability in mammary tumour progression
Rao T, Ranger JJ, Smith HW, Lam SH, Chodosh L, Muller WJ
Breast Cancer Research 2014, 16:R11 (23 January 2014)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/16/1/R11/abstract
Provisional PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr3603.pdf

Research article
Vaccines against human HER2 prevent mammary carcinoma in mice transgenic for human HER-2
De Giovanni C, Nicoletti G, Quaglino E, Landuzzi L, Palladini A, Ianzano ML, Dall¿Ora M, Grosso V, Ranieri D, Laranga R, Croci S, Amici A, Penichet ML, Iezzi M, Cavallo F, Nanni P, Lollini P
Breast Cancer Research 2014, 16:R10 (23 January 2014)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/16/1/R10/abstract
Provisional PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr3602.pdf

Research article
Direct inhibition of PI3K in combination with dual HER2 inhibitors is required for optimal antitumor activity in HER2+ breast cancer cells
Rexer BN, Chanthaphaychith S, Dahlman KB, Arteaga CL
Breast Cancer Research 2014, 16:R9 (23 January 2014)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/16/1/R9/abstract
Provisional PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr3601.pdf


PIK3CA mutations in breast cancer: reconciling findings from preclinical and clinical data
Zardavas D, Phillips WA, Loi S
Breast Cancer Research 2014, 16:201 (23 January 2014)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/16/1/201/abstract
Full text http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/16/1/201
PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr3605.pdf

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