February 27, 2012

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The latest articles from Breast Cancer Research, published between 12-Feb-2012 and 26-Feb-2012

For research articles that have only just been published you will see a 'provisional PDF' corresponding to the accepted manuscript. Fully formatted PDF and full-text (HTML) versions will be made available soon.

Research article
Honokiol activates AMP-activated protein kinase in breast cancer cells via LKB1-dependent pathway and inhibits breast carcinogenesis
Nagalingam A, Arbiser JL, Bonner MY, Saxena NK, Sharma D
Breast Cancer Research 2012, 14:R35 (21 February 2012)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/14/1/R35/abstract
Provisional PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr3128.pdf
PubMed http://breast-cancer-research.com/pubmed/22353783

Research article
Expression profiling of cancerous and normal breast tissues identifies microRNAs that are differentially expressed in serum from patients with (metastatic) breast cancer and healthy volunteers
van Schooneveld E, Wouters MC, Van der Auwera I, Peeters DJ, Wildiers H, Van Dam PA, Vergote I, Vermeulen PB, Dirix LY, Van Laere SJ
Breast Cancer Research 2012, 14:R34 (21 February 2012)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/14/1/R34/abstract
Provisional PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr3127.pdf
PubMed http://breast-cancer-research.com/pubmed/22353773

Research article
Common variants at 12p11, 12q24, 9p21, 9q31.2 and in ZNF365 are associated with breast cancer risk for BRCA1 and/or BRCA2 mutation carriers
Antoniou AC, Kuchenbaecker KB, Soucy P, Beesley J, Chen X, McGuffog L, Lee A, Barrowdale D, Healey S, Sinilnikova OM, Caligo MA, Loman N, Harbst K, Lindblom A, Arver B, Rosenquist R, Karlsson P, Nathanson K, Domchek S, Rebbeck T, Jakubowska A, Lubinski J, Jaworska K, Durda K, Zlowocka-Perlowska E, Osorio A, Duran M, Andres R, Benitez J, Hamann U
Breast Cancer Research 2012, 14:R33 (20 February 2012)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/14/1/R33/abstract
Provisional PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr3121.pdf
PubMed http://breast-cancer-research.com/pubmed/22348646

Research article
Premenopausal serum androgens and breast cancer risk: A nested case-control study
Zeleniuch-Jacquotte A, Afanasyeva Y, Kaaks R, Rinaldi S, Scarmo S, Liu M, Arslan AA, Toniolo P, Shore RE, Koenig KL
Breast Cancer Research 2012, 14:R32 (16 February 2012)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/14/1/R32/abstract
Provisional PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr3117.pdf
PubMed http://breast-cancer-research.com/pubmed/22339988

Research article
Gene expression profiling of primary male breast cancers reveals two unique subgroups and identifies N-acetyltransferase-1 (NAT1) as a novel prognostic biomarker
Johansson I, Nilsson C, Berglund P, Lauss M, Ringner M, Olsson H, Luts L, Sim E, Thorstensson S, Fjallskog M, Hedenfalk I
Breast Cancer Research 2012, 14:R31 (14 February 2012)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/14/1/R31/abstract
Provisional PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr3116.pdf
PubMed http://breast-cancer-research.com/pubmed/22333393

Research article
Modulation of CXCR3 ligand secretion by prostaglandin E2 and cyclooxygenase inhibitors in human breast cancer
Bronger H, Kraeft S, Schwarz-Boeger U, Cerny C, Stockel A, Avril S, Kiechle M, Schmitt M
Breast Cancer Research 2012, 14:R30 (14 February 2012)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/14/1/R30/abstract
Provisional PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr3115.pdf
PubMed http://breast-cancer-research.com/pubmed/22333315

Research article
Assessment of circulating tumor cells and serum markers for progression-free survival prediction in metastatic breast cancer: a prospective observational study
Bidard F, Hajage D, Bachelot T, Delaloge S, Brain E, Campone M, Cottu P, Beuzeboc P, Rolland E, Mathiot C, Pierga J
Breast Cancer Research 2012, 14:R29 (13 February 2012)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/14/1/R29/abstract
Provisional PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr3114.pdf
PubMed http://breast-cancer-research.com/pubmed/22330883

Research article
PIK3CA mutation impact on survival in breast cancer patients and in ERalpha, PR and ERBB2-based subgroups
Cizkova M, Susini A, Vacher S, Cizeron-Clairac G, Andrieu C, Driouch K, Fourme E, Lidereau R, Bieche I
Breast Cancer Research 2012, 14:R28 (13 February 2012)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/14/1/R28/abstract
Provisional PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr3113.pdf
PubMed http://breast-cancer-research.com/pubmed/22330809

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