August 26, 2016

BMC Medicine monthly contents – July 2016

BMC Medicine
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Dear Dr Wirawan,

We are pleased to share with you our July content update, featuring journal news, top articles and our most recent table of contents.

Table of Contents


Individualised benefit–harm balance of aspirin as primary prevention measure – a good proof-of-concept, but could have been better…

Frugal innovation in medicine for low resource settings

Reporting guidelines for realist evaluations seek to improve clarity and transparency


The morning after: what now for psychiatry research?


Major milestones in translational oncology


Burden of respiratory tract infections at post mortem in Zambian children

Association between trial registration and treatment effect estimates: a meta-epidemiological study

The role of peptides in bone healing and regeneration: a systematic review

An external validation of models to predict the onset of chronic kidney disease using population-based electronic health records from Salford, UK

"Delirium Day": a nationwide point prevalence study of delirium in older hospitalized patients using an easy standardized diagnostic tool

The potential to expand antiretroviral therapy by improving health facility efficiency: evidence from Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia

Low levels of IgM antibodies recognizing oxidation-specific epitopes are associated with human non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

Twenty-year trajectories of alcohol consumption during midlife and atherosclerotic thickening in early old age: findings from two British population cohort studies

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