January 12, 2016

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The latest articles from BMC Public Health, published between 04-Jan-2016 and 11-Jan-2016

Research article
Effective strategies to reduce commercial tobacco use in Indigenous communities globally: A systematic review
Minichiello A, Lefkowitz A, Firestone M, Smylie J, Schwartz R
BMC Public Health 2016, 16:21 (11 January 2016)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/21/abstract
Full text http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/21
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/s12889-015-2645-x.pdf

Research article
The usefulness of school-based syndromic surveillance for detecting malaria epidemics: experiences from a pilot project in Ethiopia
Ashton R, Kefyalew T, Batisso E, Awano T, Kebede Z, Tesfaye G, Mesele T, Chibsa S, Reithinger R, Brooker S
BMC Public Health 2016, 16:20 (9 January 2016)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/20/abstract
Full text http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/20
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/s12889-015-2680-7.pdf
PubMed http://www.biomedcentral.com/pubmed/26749325

Research article
National evaluation of strategies to reduce safety violations for working from heights in construction companies: results from a randomized controlled trial
van der Molen H, den Herder A, Warning J, Frings-Dresen M
BMC Public Health 2016, 16:19 (9 January 2016)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/19/abstract
Full text http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/19
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/s12889-016-2693-x.pdf
PubMed http://www.biomedcentral.com/pubmed/26749431

Research article
Trends in childhood obesity and central adiposity between 1998-2001 and 2010-2012 according to household income and urbanity in Korea
Bahk J, Khang Y
BMC Public Health 2016, 16:18 (7 January 2016)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/18/abstract
Full text http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/18
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/s12889-015-2616-2.pdf
PubMed http://www.biomedcentral.com/pubmed/26744297

Research article
Space, body, time and relationship experiences of recess physical activity: a qualitative case study among the least physical active schoolchildren
Pawlowski C, Andersen H, Tjørnhøj-Thomsen T, Troelsen J, Schipperijn J
BMC Public Health 2016, 16:16 (6 January 2016)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/16/abstract
Full text http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/16
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/s12889-015-2687-0.pdf
PubMed http://www.biomedcentral.com/pubmed/26733382

Study protocol
An Internet-supported Physical Activity Intervention Delivered in Secondary Schools Located in Low Socio-economic Status Communities: Study Protocol for the Activity and Motivation in Physical Education (AMPED) Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial 
Lonsdale C, Lester A, Owen K, White R, Moyes I, Peralta L, Kirwan M, Maeder A, Bennie A, MacMillan F, Kolt G, Ntoumanis N, Gore J, Cerin E, Diallo T, Cliff D, Lubans D
BMC Public Health 2016, 16:17 (6 January 2016)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/17/abstract
Full text http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/17
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/s12889-015-2583-7.pdf
PubMed http://www.biomedcentral.com/pubmed/26740092

Research article
The art of being mentally healthy: a study to quantify the relationship between recreational arts engagement and mental well-being in the general population
Davies C, Knuiman M, Rosenberg M
BMC Public Health 2016, 16:15 (5 January 2016)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/15/abstract
Full text http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/15
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/s12889-015-2672-7.pdf
PubMed http://www.biomedcentral.com/pubmed/26733272

Research article
Does the public receive and adhere to boil water advisory recommendations? A cross-sectional study in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
Jones-Bitton A, Gustafson D, Butt K, Majowicz S
BMC Public Health 2016, 16:14 (5 January 2016)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/14/abstract
Full text http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/14
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/s12889-015-2688-z.pdf
PubMed http://www.biomedcentral.com/pubmed/26733450

Research article
Five years after the accident, whiplash casualties still have poorer quality of life in the physical domain than other mildly injured casualties: analysis of the ESPARR cohort
Tournier C, Hours M, Charnay P, Chossegros L, Tardy H
BMC Public Health 2016, 16:13 (5 January 2016)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/13/abstract
Full text http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/13
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/s12889-015-2647-8.pdf
PubMed http://www.biomedcentral.com/pubmed/26733122

Research article
Acceptability of tick control interventions to prevent Lyme disease in Switzerland and Canada: a mixed-method study
Aenishaenslin C, Michel P, Ravel A, Gern L, Waaub J, Milord F, Bélanger D
BMC Public Health 2016, 16:12 (5 January 2016)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/12/abstract
Full text http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/12
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/s12889-015-2629-x.pdf
PubMed http://www.biomedcentral.com/pubmed/26733007

Research article
What are the characteristics of ‘sexually ready’ adolescents? Exploring the sexual readiness of youth in urban poor Accra
Biney A, Dodoo F
BMC Public Health 2016, 16:9 (5 January 2016)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/9/abstract
Full text http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/9
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/s12889-015-2620-6.pdf
PubMed http://www.biomedcentral.com/pubmed/26728718

Research article
Prevalence of percutaneous injuries and associated factors among health care workers in Hawassa referral and adare District hospitals, Hawassa, Ethiopia, January 2014
Kaweti G, Abegaz T
BMC Public Health 2016, 16:8 (5 January 2016)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/8/abstract
Full text http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/8
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/s12889-015-2642-0.pdf
PubMed http://www.biomedcentral.com/pubmed/26729189

Research article
A comparison of sexual risk behaviours and HIV seroprevalence among circumcised and uncircumcised men before and after implementation of the safe male circumcision programme in Uganda
Kibira S, Sandøy I, Daniel M, Atuyambe L, Makumbi F
BMC Public Health 2016, 16:7 (5 January 2016)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/7/abstract
Full text http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/7
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/s12889-015-2668-3.pdf
PubMed http://www.biomedcentral.com/pubmed/26727935

Research article
Awareness of energy drink intake guidelines and associated consumption practices: a cross-sectional study
Peacock A, Droste N, Pennay A, Miller P, Lubman D, Bruno R
BMC Public Health 2016, 16:6 (5 January 2016)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/6/abstract
Full text http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/6
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/s12889-015-2685-2.pdf
PubMed http://www.biomedcentral.com/pubmed/26728256

Research article
Hungry for an intervention? Adolescents’ ratings of acceptability of eating-related intervention strategies
Stok F, de Ridder D, de Vet E, Nureeva L, Luszczynska A, Wardle J, Gaspar T, de Wit J
BMC Public Health 2016, 16:5 (5 January 2016)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/5/abstract
Full text http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/5
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/s12889-015-2665-6.pdf
PubMed http://www.biomedcentral.com/pubmed/26729328

Research article
Substance use patterns and unprotected sex among street-involved youth in a Canadian setting: a prospective cohort study
Cheng T, Johnston C, Kerr T, Nguyen P, Wood E, DeBeck K
BMC Public Health 2016, 16:4 (5 January 2016)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/4/abstract
Full text http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/4
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/s12889-015-2627-z.pdf
PubMed http://www.biomedcentral.com/pubmed/26728877

Research article
The association between leisure time physical activity in adolescence and poor mental health in early adulthood: a prospective cohort study
Hoegh Poulsen P, Biering K, Andersen J
BMC Public Health 2016, 16:3 (5 January 2016)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/3/abstract
Full text http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/3
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/s12889-015-2658-5.pdf
PubMed http://www.biomedcentral.com/pubmed/26729243

Research article
Health promotion interventions in social economy companies in Flanders (Belgium)
Hublet A, Maes L, Mommen J, Deforche B, De Bourdeaudhuij I
BMC Public Health 2016, 16:11 (5 January 2016)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/11/abstract
Full text http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/11
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/s12889-015-2682-5.pdf
PubMed http://www.biomedcentral.com/pubmed/26728132

Research article
An ecological analysis of food outlet density and prevalence of type II diabetes in South Carolina counties
AlHasan D, Eberth J
BMC Public Health 2016, 16:10 (5 January 2016)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/10/abstract
Full text http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/10
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/s12889-015-2681-6.pdf
PubMed http://www.biomedcentral.com/pubmed/26728042

Research article
Daily consumption of ready-to-use peanut-based therapeutic food increased fat free mass, improved anemic status but has no impact on the zinc status of people living with HIV/AIDS: a randomized controlled trial
Diouf A, Badiane A, Manga N, Idohou-Dossou N, Sow P, Wade S
BMC Public Health 2016, 16:1 (4 January 2016)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/1/abstract
Full text http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/1
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/s12889-015-2639-8.pdf
PubMed http://www.biomedcentral.com/pubmed/26728978

Research article
The role of repetition and reinforcement in school-based oral health education-a cluster randomized controlled trial
Haleem A, Khan M, Sufia S, Chaudhry S, Siddiqui M, Khan A
BMC Public Health 2016, 16:2 (4 January 2016)
Abstract http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/2/abstract
Full text http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2458/16/2
PDF http://www.biomedcentral.com/content/pdf/s12889-015-2676-3.pdf
PubMed http://www.biomedcentral.com/pubmed/26728002

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