October 9, 2015

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Independent predictors of tuberculosis mortality in a high HIV prevalence setting: a retrospective cohort study
Pepper D, Schomaker M, Wilkinson R, de Azevedo V, Maartens G
AIDS Research and Therapy 2015, 12:35 (6 October 2015)
Abstract http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/12/1/35/abstract
Full text http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/12/1/35
PDF http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/pdf/s12981-015-0076-5.pdf

Defining the fitness of HIV-1 isolates with dual/mixed co-receptor usage
Nankya IL, Tebit DM, Abraha A, Kyeyune F, Gibson R, Jegede O, Nickel G, Arts EJ
AIDS Research and Therapy 2015, 12:34 (3 October 2015)
Abstract http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/12/1/34/abstract
Full text http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/12/1/34
PDF http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/pdf/s12981-015-0066-7.pdf
PubMed http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/pubmed/26435727

Case report
Development of cryptococcal immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome 41 months after the initiation of antiretroviral therapy in an AIDS patient
Hashimoto H, Hatakeyama S, Yotsuyanagi H
AIDS Research and Therapy 2015, 12:33 (30 September 2015)
Abstract http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/12/1/33/abstract
Full text http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/12/1/33
PDF http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/pdf/s12981-015-0075-6.pdf
PubMed http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/pubmed/26425133

Rates and risk factors associated with the progression of HIV to AIDS among HIV patients from Zhejiang, China between 2008 and 2012
Chen L, Yang J, Zhang R, Xu Y, Zheng J, Jiang J, Jiang J, He L, Wang N, Yeung P, Pan X
AIDS Research and Therapy 2015, 12:32 (25 September 2015)
Abstract http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/12/1/32/abstract
Full text http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/12/1/32
PDF http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/pdf/s12981-015-0074-7.pdf
PubMed http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/pubmed/26413133

Effectiveness and risk factors for virological outcome of darunavir-based therapy for treatment-experienced HIV-infected patients
Mata-Marín J, Huerta-García G, Domínguez-Hermosillo J, Chavez-García M, Banda-Lara M, Nuñez-Rodríguez N, Cruz-Herrera J, Sandoval-Ramírez J, Martínez-Abarca I, Villagómez-Ruíz A, Manjarrez-Tellez B, Gaytán-Martínez J
AIDS Research and Therapy 2015, 12:31 (24 September 2015)
Abstract http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/12/1/31/abstract
Full text http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/12/1/31
PDF http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/pdf/s12981-015-0072-9.pdf
PubMed http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/pubmed/26413132

Sensory neuropathy and metabolic risk factors in human immune deficiency virus infected South Africans receiving protease inhibitors
Vermaak J, Dave J, Levitt N, Heckmann J
AIDS Research and Therapy 2015, 12:30 (23 September 2015)
Abstract http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/12/1/30/abstract
Full text http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/12/1/30
PDF http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/pdf/s12981-015-0073-8.pdf
PubMed http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/pubmed/26401157

Enhanced oxidative stress by alcohol use in HIV+ patients: possible involvement of cytochrome P450 2E1 and antioxidant enzymes
Ande A, Sinha N, Rao P, McArthur C, Ayuk L, Achu P, Njinda A, Kumar A, Kumar S
AIDS Research and Therapy 2015, 12:29 (22 September 2015)
Abstract http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/12/1/29/abstract
Full text http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/12/1/29
PDF http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/pdf/s12981-015-0071-x.pdf
PubMed http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/pubmed/26396584

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