April 10, 2013

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Increasing Hepatitis C treatment uptake among HIV-infected patients using an HIV primary care model
Cachay ER, Hill L, Ballard C, Colwell B, Torriani F, Wyles D, Mathews WC
AIDS Research and Therapy 2013, 10:9 (28 March 2013)
Abstract http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/10/1/9/abstract
Full text http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/10/1/9
PDF http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/pdf/1742-6405-10-9.pdf
PubMed http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/pubmed/23537147

HIV testing practices among New England college health centers
Patel N, Rana A, Thomas A, Barnhart JC, Flanigan TP, van den Berg JJ, Chan PA
AIDS Research and Therapy 2013, 10:8 (18 March 2013)
Abstract http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/10/1/8/abstract
Full text http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/10/1/8
PDF http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/pdf/1742-6405-10-8.pdf
PubMed http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/pubmed/23496891

Reviewer acknowledgement
Reviewer acknowledgment
Gupta K
AIDS Research and Therapy 2013, 10:6 (13 March 2013)
Abstract http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/10/1/6/abstract
Full text http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/10/1/6
PDF http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/content/pdf/1742-6405-10-6.pdf
PubMed http://www.aidsrestherapy.com/pubmed/23406621

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