June 30, 2010

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The latest articles from Reproductive Health, published between 31-May-2010 and 29-Jun-2010

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Using a Cesarean Section Classification System based on characteristics of the population as a way of monitoring obstetric practice
Costa ML, Cecatti JG, Souza JP, Milanez HM, Gulmezoglu AM
Reproductive Health 2010, 7:13 (26 June 2010)
Abstract http://www.reproductive-health-journal.com/content/7/1/13/abstract
Provisional PDF http://www.reproductive-health-journal.com/content/pdf/1742-4755-7-13.pdf
PubMed http://www.reproductive-health-journal.com/pubmed/20579388

Determinants of male involvement in the prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV programme in Eastern Uganda: a cross-sectional survey
Byamugisha R, Tumwine JK, Semiyaga N, Tylleskar T
Reproductive Health 2010, 7:12 (23 June 2010)
Abstract http://www.reproductive-health-journal.com/content/7/1/12/abstract
Provisional PDF http://www.reproductive-health-journal.com/content/pdf/1742-4755-7-12.pdf
PubMed http://www.reproductive-health-journal.com/pubmed/20573250

Community-level intimate partner violence and the circumstances of first sex among young women from five African countries
Gomez AM, Speizer IS
Reproductive Health 2010, 7:11 (19 June 2010)
Abstract http://www.reproductive-health-journal.com/content/7/1/11/abstract
Provisional PDF http://www.reproductive-health-journal.com/content/pdf/1742-4755-7-11.pdf
PubMed http://www.reproductive-health-journal.com/pubmed/20565896

Parents' experiences of an abnormal ultrasound examination - vacillating between emotional confusion and sense of reality
Larsson A, Crang Svalenius E, Lundqvist A, Dykes A
Reproductive Health 2010, 7:10 (14 June 2010)
Abstract http://www.reproductive-health-journal.com/content/7/1/10/abstract
Provisional PDF http://www.reproductive-health-journal.com/content/pdf/1742-4755-7-10.pdf
PubMed http://www.reproductive-health-journal.com/pubmed/20546610

Can follow-up study questions about correct and consistent condom use reduce respondent over-reporting among groups at high risk? An analysis of datasets from six countries
Lipovsek V, Longfield K, Buszin J
Reproductive Health 2010, 7:9 (11 June 2010)
Abstract http://www.reproductive-health-journal.com/content/7/1/9/abstract
Provisional PDF http://www.reproductive-health-journal.com/content/pdf/1742-4755-7-9.pdf
PubMed http://www.reproductive-health-journal.com/pubmed/20540738

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