August 2, 2008

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Parallel assessment of male reproductive function in workers and wild rats exposed to pesticides in banana plantations in Guadeloupe
Multigner L, Kadhel P, Pascal M, Huc-Terki F, Kercret H, Massart C, Janky E, Auger J, Jegou B
Environmental Health, 2008 7:40 (30 July 2008)
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A 10-year time-series analysis of respiratory and cardiovascular morbidity in Nicosia, Cyprus: the effect of short-term changes in air pollution and dust storms.
Middleton N, Yiallouros P, Kleanthous S, Kolokotroni O, Schwartz J, Dockery D, Demokritou P, Koutrakis P
Environmental Health, 2008 7:39 (22 July 2008)
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Ancillary human health benefits of improved air quality resulting from climate change mitigation
Bell M, Davis D, Cifuentes L, Krupnick A, Morgenstern R, Thurston G
Environmental Health, 2008 7:41 (31 July 2008)
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