September 30, 2016

New in BMC Medicine – August 2016

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BMC Medicine monthly contents – August 2016

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We are pleased to share with you our August content update, featuring journal news, top articles and our most recent table of contents.

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Tuberculosis – A Call for Action on Calls for Action
Tuberculosis – A Call for Action on Calls for Action

As a part of the World TB Day 2016 article collection, BMC Medicine published a correspondence article investigating gaps in funding in tuberculosis research. Here, co-author Mishal Khan explains why current priorities need to be reassessed.

Do we need to care about the closure of
Do we need to care about the closure of

Here, Dr Laura McDonald and Dr Sreeram Ramagopalan, co-authors of an article published in BMC Medicine, comment on the implications of the closure of and discuss how similar initiatives using real-world data can work.

Translational oncology – the bridge between basic research and clinical practice
Translational oncology – the bridge between basic research and clinical practice

Insights in translational cancer research hold the key to the therapeutic progress in oncology. As a new cross-journal article collection on Translational Oncology is launched by BMC Medicine, we reflect on current trends in this field, including tumor heterogeneity, liquid biopsies, and immunotherapy.

Table of Contents


Transforming healthcare through regenerative medicine

Empowered citizen 'health hackers' who are not waiting

The efficiency of chronic disease care in sub-Saharan Africa


Evaluation in alcohol use disorders – insights from the nalmefene experience

Investments in tuberculosis research – what are the gaps?


Antimicrobial agents – optimising the ecological balance

Post-mortem assessment in vascular dementia: advances and aspirations


Improving comfort in people with dementia and pneumonia: a cluster randomized trial

Genetic variation in Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from a London outbreak associated with isoniazid resistance

Fatigue is associated with excess mortality in the general population: results from the EPIC-Norfolk study

Serum levels of mitochondrial inhibitory factor 1 are independently associated with long-term prognosis in coronary artery disease: the GENES Study

Abnormal plasma DNA profiles in early ovarian cancer using a non-invasive prenatal testing platform: implications for cancer screening

The epidemiology, healthcare and societal burden and costs of asthma in the UK and its member nations: analyses of standalone and linked national databases

Development and external validation of a faecal immunochemical test-based prediction model for colorectal cancer detection in symptomatic patients


The global threat of Zika virus to pregnancy: epidemiology, clinical perspectives, mechanisms, and impact

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