October 30, 2011

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The latest articles from Breast Cancer Research, published between 15-Oct-2011 and 29-Oct-2011

For research articles that have only just been published you will see a 'provisional PDF' corresponding to the accepted manuscript. Fully formatted PDF and full-text (HTML) versions will be made available soon.

Minimal residual disease and circulating tumor cells in breast cancer
Ignatiadis M, Reinholz M
Breast Cancer Research 2011, 13:222 (25 October 2011)

PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr2906.pdf

Three interrelated themes in current breast cancer research: gene addiction, phenotypic plasticity, and cancer stem cells
Cardiff RD, Couto S, Bolon B
Breast Cancer Research 2011, 13:216 (25 October 2011)

PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr2887.pdf

Research article
Detection of breast cancer cells using targeted magnetic nanoparticles and ultra-sensitive magnetic field sensors
Hathaway HJ, Butler KS, Adolphi NL, Lovato DM, Belfon R, Fegan D, Monson TC, Trujillo JE, Tessier TE, Bryant HC, Huber DL, Larson RS, Flynn ER
Breast Cancer Research 2011, 13:R108 (28 October 2011)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/13/5/R108/abstract
Provisional PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr3050.pdf

Research article
Quantitative copy number analysis by Multiplex Ligation-dependent Probe Amplification (MLPA) of BRCA1-associated breast cancer regions identifies BRCAness
Lips EH, Laddach N, Savola SP, Vollebergh MA, Oonk AM, Imholz AL, Wessels LF, Wesseling J, Nederlof PM, Rodenhuis S
Breast Cancer Research 2011, 13:R107 (27 October 2011)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/13/5/R107/abstract
Provisional PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr3049.pdf

Research article
Metastatic breast cancer cells inhibit osteoblast differentiation through the Runx2/CBFbeta-dependent expression of the Wnt antagonist, Sclerostin.
Mendoza-Villanueva D, Zeef L, Shore P
Breast Cancer Research 2011, 13:R106 (27 October 2011)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/13/5/R106/abstract
Provisional PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr3048.pdf

Research article
MMP-13 stimulates osteoclast differentiation and activation in tumour breast bone metastases.
Pivetta E, Scapolan M, Pecolo M, Wassermann B, Abu-Rumeilegh I, Balestreri L, Borsatti E, Tripodo C, Colombatti A, Spessotto P
Breast Cancer Research 2011, 13:R105 (27 October 2011)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/13/5/R105/abstract
Provisional PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr3047.pdf

Research article
Replacement of E-cadherin by N-cadherin in the mammary gland leads to fibrocystic changes and tumor formation
Kotb AM, Hierholzer A, Kemler R
Breast Cancer Research 2011, 13:R104 (26 October 2011)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/13/5/R104/abstract
Provisional PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr3046.pdf

Research article
Mammographic density and breast cancer risk: the role of the fat surrounding the fibroglandular tissue
Lokate M, Peeters PH, Peelen LM, Haars G, Veldhuis WB, van Gils CH
Breast Cancer Research 2011, 13:R103 (26 October 2011)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/13/5/R103/abstract
Provisional PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr3044.pdf

Research article
Pleurocidin-family cationic antimicrobial peptides are cytolytic for breast carcinoma cells and prevent growth of tumor xenografts
Hilchie AL, Doucette CD, Pinto DM, Patrzykat A, Douglas S, Hoskin DW
Breast Cancer Research 2011, 13:R102 (24 October 2011)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/13/5/R102/abstract
Provisional PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr3043.pdf
PubMed http://breast-cancer-research.com/pubmed/22023734

Research article
Hsp27 participates in the maintenance of breast cancer stem cells through regulation of epithelial-mesenchymal transition and nuclear factor-kappa B
Wei L, Liu T, Wang H, Hong H, Yu AL, Feng H, Chang W
Breast Cancer Research 2011, 13:R101 (24 October 2011)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/13/5/R101/abstract
Provisional PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr3042.pdf
PubMed http://breast-cancer-research.com/pubmed/22023707

Research article
Non-dense mammographic area and risk of breast cancer
Pettersson A, Hankinson SE, Willett W, Lagiou P, Trichopoulos D, Tamimi RM
Breast Cancer Research 2011, 13:R100 (21 October 2011)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/13/5/R100/abstract
Provisional PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr3041.pdf
PubMed http://breast-cancer-research.com/pubmed/22017857

Research article
The combined influence of multiple sex and growth hormones on risk of postmenopausal breast cancer: a nested case-control study
Tworoger SS, Rosner BA, Willett WC, Hankinson SE
Breast Cancer Research 2011, 13:R99 (21 October 2011)
Abstract http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/13/5/R99/abstract
Provisional PDF http://breast-cancer-research.com/content/pdf/bcr3040.pdf
PubMed http://breast-cancer-research.com/pubmed/22017816

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